2014 Annual Print & Poster


The 2014 ARRC annual print is titled "Iconic Alaskan" by Anchorage Artist Ray Gamradt.

The charcoal drawing depicts a bull moose and the Alaska Railroad’s summer Hurricane Turn train, which offers flagstop service between Talkeetna and Hurricane.

“Alaska provides a wealth of inspiration begging to be captured, from abundant wildlife to incomparable landscapes, and I believe that firsthand experience is the only way to truly connect with the subject matter,” said Gamradt, who made several trips on the Hurricane Train and camped along the 66-mile route the past two summers. “This place has a distinct personality so often defined by a sense of wildness and remoteness, and moose are one of my favorite emblems of that wildness.  While riding the train between the route’s looming ridges, the conductor informed me that this is one of the last surviving flag stop trains in North America, further contributing to an experience that is unmistakably Alaskan.”

Gamradt works from his home-based studio in Anchorage (http://raygamradtstudio.com/) and his artwork is represented at Stephan Fine Art Gallery in the Hotel Captain Cook. Through the end of 2012 Gamradt was a bridge engineer working for an engineering firm in Anchorage. He hails from Montana, where he earned civil and structural engineering degrees from Montana State University in Bozeman.

“My current preferred medium of charcoal arose partly in response to my role as engineer.  I began creating pencil drawings in college primarily as gifts.  As the engineering courses persisted, the mathematics climbed steeper and the lines became straighter,” said Gamradt. “In defiance, I switched from working in pencil to working in charcoal, a rougher and coarser and blacker medium which offered an avenue away from the precision required of an engineer.”

Beginning November 30, 2013, the 2014 poster, print and pin will be available from our online Gift Shop, at the Alaska Railroad Depot Ticket Window (see hours), or by calling 1-800-544-0552 (in Anchorage 265-2494).